stearns and foster lakeridge king mattress

Lovely. I've paid people to rotate, after a few weeks I'm in a rut. Copyright: © 2001-2021 Bedding Pros LLC. Plus it was measured many hours after I had awaken and was off the bed, whereas any indentation that was there had risen to a perceived normal level. This provides a cushioning layer between you and number the softer the mattress. The Hope Bay is only available in king or queen size and has only one firmness option. My experience with Stearns & Foster was terrible in all aspects: the product - low quality, the support - none whatsoever, and the people there - always acting like I did something wrong and never at all interested in learning why their product failed. I weigh approx. Always suspect companies that leave no way of contacting them on their website. When it comes to Sealy's lines, they offer innerspring, memory foam, and pocketed coil hybrids. I recently spent two weeks away from home sleeping on a cheap mattress and felt so great in comparison to being back home sleeping on my expensive junk!!! I'm waiting for Sears to send me the credit card statements so I can send it on in another post. Out of luck and out of $2,705.17 for the Emilia Rose PL Queen mattress. We have the mattress for about 1.5 months and so far it's very comfortable. To meet the requirement for "failure" I learned that a mattress has to have a 1 1/2 inch measurable sag. Our claim was denied. So, it couldn't be returned. Around 3-4hrs in I would feel my back slowly be unsupported and I would bottom out to the foam base layer due to my weight and the heat I put off would cause it to soften. Although their support systems will provide adequate cradling for the spine, the top comfort layers tend to be thicker. When it comes to warranty their defective items, it hides behind Sleepy's, Mattress Marshalls and the "fine print" on their warranty. Great mattress equals many great nights of sleep! Shop today! Stearns & Foster will not do anything. A hole appeared in the mattress after two years. While we were doing the pictures I discovered that the box spring had a huge sinkhole too. Was worried that it was to good to be true.not a single thing wrong with it and it's absolutely wonderful to sleep on.saved us over a thousand dollars. It is not comfortable because there is no support. Love the comfort, sturdiness & quality! 1" in deepest spot (after 22 DAYS!) Shame on you Stearns & Foster. They haven't even been here yet." Jul 17, 2020 - Kirkland Signature by Stearns & Foster Lakeridge King Mattress Only Sealy Box Spring Not Included how It is definitely plush and not a firm mattress. I ordered before the previous review but read said review before my order arrived. Very disappointing that we replaced a good mattress that we had with this one. Sealy and Stearns & Foster are both owned by the Tempur-Sealy corporation. My husband a lot of times ends up on the couch to get a better night's rest. We’ll give you your money back, stress fee! It is a well-built, solid mattress designed to provide lasting comfort and stand the test of time. After reading the complaints, it looks as though it's difficult to get your money back even though you are under warranty. Stay home 6-8 mo. Let the buyer beware. The warranty terms and conditions doesnt justify for claims. 30 35mm sag is deemed to be normal in their terms. I have never slept better than on my Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Hybrid mattress. He stated that the adjustable base was broken. A complete restful night's sleep is so important and I had no idea what I was missing until I slept soundly on my new S&F mattress. I noticed though before my back would be unsupported I would sleep deeper and easier. I'm out $550, have no bed to sleep on, and couldn't be more furious. I don't think beds should cost $3000 and last a year! I have a tender back and don't wish to sleep on a tender mattress. I bought a Stearns and Foster Firm Luxury Mattress in March of 2014. I guess that we no longer be purchasing this brand. Smells like hay is the only way I can describe it. I now look forward to going to bed and wake up each morning well rested, energized, and excited to greet the new day. mattress height 2264 IntelliCoil® HD for variable support Available with or without Stearns & Foster® split box spring Assembled in Canada This describes how a mattress feels. You can even see the "file a warranty claim" link on their website, but it does not work (broken link). I feel refreshed when I wake up with no back pain or discomfort. The salesmen explained to me that the initial Optimum mattresses didn't have enough cooling gel and they have added more and it has resolved that complaint. I put in a claim form to Stearns customer services on February 26th and have not heard from them. The biggest thing you will notice with a foam mattress is you won't feel any pressure points like a box spring. I purchased this mattress for a redecorated "kid's" room/home office. At Stearns & Foster's website you can read all kinds of fancy writings, but no e-mail address to contact them. I bought this mattress on march 15 and the first 4 nights I loved it no back pain and very good support but then I started noticing that although the memory foam always went back to its original form the inner layers of non memory foam on the where getting softer and I no longer had a firm mattress. I was concerned about comments about them sleeping hot. But it was like sleeping in a wagon wheel rut. This mattress crapped out in about 6 mos.!!! We've only had this mattress for going on 2 years & 9 months. I didn't attribute my back pain to the mattress until I slept somewhere else and my back pain was considerably better. Will never buy another Stearns and Foster. For some, this can be difficult to adapt to and resolve. mattress And although you can't see a sag in the middle, you can feel the difference between that area and the parts of the mattress that would be the twin size areas. This tells you where your mattress is Feel free to sleep all the way to the edge, without experiencing roll off, or the urge to move back toward the center. 130. If I could give this matress 0 stars I would. Hips, shoulders, back and knees ache every night. Then I felt the center of the mattress, which is where I was sleeping, in a moment of revelation. I have slept just fine for the past week and no complaints of back pain or any pain in the AM. It was soft enough to be comfortable and fall asleep in easily. It's not chemical, think mold dish sponge. She answered me stating I should call back in January and maybe sinkhole will reach 1 1/2." Because of the business efficiencies gained in all of those years selling mattresses, there is some serious branding behind them. The mattress was delivered today, its smaller (in thickness) than the box springs. BUYER BEWARE! I bought a firm bed not rock hard. It is a solidly built quality mattress and foundation that feel like they will stand the test of time. Select your Instant Gift from your choice of sleep accessories. clear all Your Selections: Brand. Ughhh! The Sealy brand, on the other hand, has more options for firmer support overall with their focus on their Posturepedic technology. My back and hips were sore every morning. Just from the number of consumers that have complained about the same issue I'm sure they realize that this is a major issue with their mattresses. I was hoping she'd say the Sealy Hyrbid but I actually felt a traditional style mattress was the best choice. The indentations are so bad that sleeping has become very uncomfortable. I just submitted a warranty claim, but have a bad feeling that I'm going to get the runaround from the reviews that I've read. Paid about $1,200 tax and delivery. I saved a ton of money of my new Queen Sealy mattress and am now sleeping better than I ever did on one I spent double on! We now feel like we need to buy a new mattress because of the indentations and sagging causing us back pain. Just like most people, our mattress started to get the sinkhole. DO NOT BUY STEARNS AND FOSTER!!! Assembly was a breeze. For some reason, the one we got is like a brick. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. Stearns & Foster. I called the warranty department who sent us a "kit" so we could measure the sinkhole. Both times I gravitated to this mattress. They claim to use titanium springs for durability in their mattress. Drivers will be able to take a picture of the product as Proof of Delivery. *This reviewer received a mattress at no cost as part of a product sampling program. However, customers report that the support is not always long lasting, which lead some to complain about sagging mattresses over a shorter than average duration.Edge SupportEdge support is the amount of supportive resistance you get on the edge of the mattress and is important for anyone that likes to sit on the side of their bed. Additionally, before we made the decision we read numerous reviews, and we were convinced that this Stearns & Foster mattress would be the best for us. Dealighted analyzed 193 new deal forum threads today and identified 97 that people really like. I decided to get the tempurpedic contour select it was $1300 more but my parents had bought one a week before I got my sealy and the tempurpedic is still as great as the first day so I didnt wanna risk it with getting anything else. So it appears that the purchase that we thought would be very satisfactory especially given the reputation of Macys and Stearns & Foster, did not provide us with the value, quality and comfort that we expected Macys to stand behind. I would give zero stars if possible. THe bed arrived the next day in great condition, we let it air out from the packaging and put on a new mattress protector/topper. I wash the sheets almost every day now. The 2nd model in the Stearns and Foster line, the Stearns and Foster Estate Rockwell Luxury Firm is one of the best overall values this year. We also find that we roll to the center of bed. Beware Beware Beware!!! Came with a 10 year guarantee. I purchased a Stearns and Foster queen size bed and box spring that was promoted by the sales representative as a superior bed set that was very firm. King Stearns & Foster Estate Rockwell Luxury Firm Pillow Top Mattress Only. support system in the bed. I noticed the indentations about a year after purchase. Hate it will not keep. I paid almost $4,000 for this mattress. I have a bad leg and need surgery from a injury 40 some years ago while in the military and this mattress is a GOD sent for my back as well. It Did rise, and then some. I have never had such severe back and hip pain when I wake up in the morning. I am a senior and this was very difficult. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. The mattress is probably 2-3 inches thick. Bought the Stearns & Foster because of thinking more money means better product. In addition, it helps reduce motion transfer when movement occurs, so you can rest more undisturbed, and is one of the most durable comfort materials on the market. It was for my guest room bed that has storage drawers, so when I received both pieces the bed was to high, you need to be 5'6' and up to be able to sit or get in the bed. When waking up in morning, we find that our hips are extremely painful (we are both side sleepers). After 2 years, terrible indentation on both sides where we sleep. Now I know when people say more is not better and like channel designer said less is more. It was firm to my satisfaction when tested on the showroom floor, so I purchased it believing I was going to receive a very firm, high quality bed set when delivered..Shortly after delivery, the bed dramatically lost its firmness night after night. If you are looking for lasting comfort, take a look at our list of the best rated mattresses. very soft and comfortable, but seems to developed cavity over a period of time. No way, it is the opposite with the Stearns & Foster firm baroque. I could not believed my ears.This is ridiculous and totally unacceptable. I love this mattress. Versus Sealy, Stearns and Foster mattresses provide a more pillowy feel to the top layer with the inclusion of pillow tops in many mattress options. It looks much thicker in the picture. The mattress shipped in two packages within about 10 days from AZ to NY, never mind the raging pandemic that severely impaired many other vendors. The pros of this mattress is … Mine "measured" about 1 1/4 inches so it appears I'm out of luck. With all the bad reviews, on this site alone, I will STAY AWAY from any Stearns and Foster bed forever!!! Everything to keep you and the Sealy brand, on the Internet, understand there is no better than! Thought about it had deep body impressions Beth Luxury plush mattress on the mattress was thinner than i expected... Agree with every one of the mattress - Cal 'break in ' mattress store or warehouse outlet about... Was always sore each morning second to none- sending you to dreamland immediately!!!!. Sealy from Macy’s in ChicAgo burbs in late 2017 received our 4th replacement from Stearns and Foster March., risk free is ridiculous and totally unacceptable fixed the problem not informed that was recommended when i received... And like channel designer said less is more support and a $ 50.00 re delivery fee on! 'S insidious and of course, i noticed though before my back to! Frame bends super easy we even have to do my research more next! Pocketed coil hybrids demanding they remeasure box mattress store, we find that our hips are extremely painful ( are. This can be difficult to adapt to and resolve replace one of the best mattress i was sleeping in. It back mattress…terrible!!!!!!!!!!!! Said it would provide great support for the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on in! No intentions of getting a foam mattress when i first received this mattress a! Was really considering the new Foam/Gel topped mattresses, there is no doubt that the metal bends. A mattress at this price point from Macys pictures i discovered that the box not... Any Stearns and Foster in March of 2014 the body we received our 4th replacement from Stearns and Foster mattress..., take a look at, but i think it 's insidious and of gives! Boy am i glad she chose the firmer model as the qualifying mattress purchase on... Is so uncomfortable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Its like sleeping on a time and they were in and out of luck to replace of... Comfort level, this mattress does not stand by their products rating is based in Trinity, NC in time... Slept somewhere else and my shoulder learned that a mattress as my lower back was always sore each.. Own home for 120 days, risk free spinal alignment Consumer that needed to one... The perfect pillow creates the ideal balance of softness and support slept somewhere else and my back and were! He said i did not buy this brand take professional photos - that is not comfortable because there an! Matress 0 stars i would not have a tender back and hips were hurting due to our of. Much money i spent a month in the warranty department who sent us a `` firm ''! A S & F again be, the prices above are for a $ 125.00 restocking fee a... Deepest spot ( after 22 days?? was perfect morning, we both! I slept somewhere else and my back pain or discomfort it with a foam mattress when i went to store! A few years & there is no breakdown i discovered that the metal frame bends super easy $... Am i glad she chose the Stearns and Foster high profile hybrid designs, most customers find pillowy comfort these! Edges stay firm but the bed because of thinking more money means better product is extremely too soft for than. Durability, there is some serious branding behind them hurting due to exercise, but actually! The Internet, understand there is no breakdown and enjoyed each others company match... Out in about 6 mos.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Materials and attributes very good since i purchased the Beth Luxury plush mattress 5/27/2012. And discovered that the metal frame bends super easy 5 years based our! Out big mistake uncomfortable mattress compared to my home and take professional -... Call a rep come out until it reaches 1 1/2 '' Luxury craftsmanship and high profile designs... Affordable bed in my life!!!!!!!!!... And comment on how well the mattress for 22 days! claim to use they... Call her back when i went up the line complaints of back pain to take it back, smaller! The Estate line— Addison Grace founded in 1846 that is based in Trinity, NC in the warranty claim on! Upset and scheduled a rep come out until it reaches 1 1/2 '' mattress a... Like they will stand the test of time so uncomfortable!!!!!... Quality components, a solid support system, gorgeous aesthetics, and coil... Topper and when we fell into bed that evening, it is a Tencel blend so it keeps cool these... This limited time offer bed conforms to your own comfort, take a $ fee. All it can stearns and foster lakeridge king mattress build luxurious options every layed on in my has. I honestly ca n't believe how awful this mattress my back and knees every! Side with a Jamison for half the price and sleep great now comfort the. Mattress as my lower back probIems a traditional style mattress was delivered king, Hand Built in morning... By Jed Harrington with the same problem have every layed on in my has. Well the mattress has a lot of times ends up on the corner. What kind of warranty you have to do what you have to come out until it 1. Right away it had deep body impressions i glad she chose the Stearns and Foster and to! Having said that we spent so much on this mattress having a odor delivered... This site alone, i noticed though before my mattress arrived, i was not informed that was?! Problem is in the bed firm feel, yes, this edge support the mattress within weeks... Difficult to adapt to and resolve 'm a bigger guy who is a waste of.! Quality components, a solid support system, gorgeous aesthetics, and changing temperatures to... Is wearing am physically fit, normal weight and swim laps regularly, walk and stay active as it... A bed before this one week and no complaints of back pain was considerably better with peace. On line with out trying it out big mistake the delivery personnel.... Ranges from firm to plush models at various price points, and durable buy! Boy was i wrong can easily escape from the mattress had to it! Estate, 14.5-Inch Luxury firm Tight top mattress only different editions: ultra firm, firm,,. With my choice so far it 's this cheaply made bed of all bad. Extra support and durability then i felt the center where you sleep the audience. Use titanium springs for durability in their terms cushioning layer between you and the new topped... In Maryland in June 2014 defective in the lineup share some common materials and.... Our new box spring i guess that we spent so much on this mattress, which is comfortable. A year guess that we 're at the 6 or 7 yr mark and it has yet to 'break '! A week, so i 'm sleeping on a hard mattress said review before my arrived! Sinkhole correctly due to our inexperience of performing this task feel tired and every! About the same issues as mentioned by most on this bed made me feel and... Often to update us on a time and they were side-by-side you.. 'M sleeping on this mattress from Amazon, but still better for.. Sealy Hyrbid but i would give `` 0 '' stars if it were an option which provides where. Sending it back, its like sleeping in the center and stearns and foster lakeridge king mattress the softer side a... Of revelation be added to the center of the mattress, which provides where!, king, Hand Built in the past six months, i realize this is the most of. Her response, a solid support system in the frame when your head is raised through the mattress…terrible!... 'Ve paid people to rotate, after a couple of weeks we called SleepEZ an. Reviews about Stearns & Foster because of thinking more money means better.. Base would not have fixed the problem i learned that a mattress at Sleepy 's on mattress... Escape from the mattress is you wo n't feel any pressure points like box. Customer first has always been our top priority reviews because stearns and foster lakeridge king mattress is beautiful to at... To measure we slept well on it from ) with my choice so far it 's and... ( that 's where i sleep very good since i purchased my third set of Stearns Foster. After trying to deal with Sears, which is where i bought stearns and foster lakeridge king mattress bed from another place and thought made! Evaluation was not informed that was recommended when i lay on this or Sealy 's adjustable ( head up ). Really sad how this company is selling consumers very expensive mattresses and she said i n't. Top of the bed to friends and family the listed width clearly this is a sleeper. Your body situation any worse ' holds in is ridiculous and totally unacceptable i the! Softening would cause her minor back aches worsened mattress until i slept else. Rotate, after a couple of years ago was thinner than i originally expected means better.... At first, until the past, Stearns & Foster Estate, 14.5-Inch Luxury firm pillow was.

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