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Acknowledging their hard work and dedication with a sincere appreciation quote reminds them why they do what they do. But when showing how much you appreciate or appreciate someone… Shutterfly Community is here to help capture and share life's most important moments. Whenever someone shows thoughtfulness, you can return the sentiment by expressing your appreciation and ensuring that their help hasn’t gone unnoticed. Aug 20, 2013 - Explore's board "APPRECIATION QUOTES", followed by 2047 people on Pinterest. Thank you quotes can help us appreciate all … Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Mar 6, 2017. I appreciate your companionship, love, and constant guidance.”, “I appreciate you more because of the road I’ve traveled. – David Thomas. 13.“…a little “appreciation” sometimes does quite as much good as all the conscientious “bringing up” in the world.”. Express your genuine gratitude with these thank you quotes and a beautiful bouquet to let them know they are truly loved and appreciated. Whether you’re teaching a loved one about appreciation or adding a quote to the end of a heartfelt message, you can enhance you card with words from some of the best below: “Appreciation can make a day even change a life. A simple message that lets the recipient know exactly why you appreciate them can make them feel that their help or kind gesture was worth the trouble. Whether you’re expressing your gratitude at random, or someone has helped you out in a time of need, acknowledging your appreciation with a quote or saying shows kindness and thankfulness across the board. Billy Graham, “Peace has victories, but it takes brave men and women to win them.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The willingness of America’s veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude.” – Jeff Miller, “My heroes are those who risk their lives every day to protect our world and make it a better place — police, firefighters, and members of our armed forces.” – Sidney Sheldon, “How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!” – Maya Angelou, “Never was so much owed by so many to so few.” – Winston Churchill, “America’s veterans embody the ideals upon which America was founded more than 229 years ago.” – Steve Buyer, “A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.” – Zeus in, “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” – Joseph Campbell, “I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks.” – William Shakespeare, “We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” – Cynthia Ozick, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – John F. Kennedy, “Appreciation is a wonderful thing: it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” – Voltaire, “The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.” – Dalai Lama, “Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don’t unravel.” – Unknown, “I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” – G.K. Chesterton, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” – William Arthur Ward, “Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” – Eckhart Tolle, “If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness. If you’re looking for philosophical or inspirational quotes about appreciation, you can borrow a few words from esteemed authors or public figures to complete your message. Teachers have thousands of people who remember them for the rest of their lives.” – Andy Rooney, “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” – Henry Brooks Adams, “Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me.” – Fred Rogers (Mister Rogers), “A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.” – William Shakespeare, “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” – Helen Keller, “A friend is what the heart needs all the time.” – Henry Van Dyke, “Of all possessions a friend is the most precious.” – Herodotus, “One thing I’ve learned is when you find a best friend in this life, you better hang on.” – Jim Nabors, “Things are never quite as scary when you have a best friend.” – Bill Watterson, “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” – Walter Winchell, “A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.” – Arnold H. Glasow, “I value the friend who for me finds time on his calendar, but I cherish the friend who for me does not consult his calendar.” – Robert Brault. Want to send someone a unique appreciation letter, you can use the examples below to craft your own.. They do for their children is the best gift a leader can ask for the key word in this is... Together we can do so much little, together we can do so.. Live it ; do n't die for any other reason but love, the spines of are! Perfect saying have shown me 2 offer to help you communicate your appreciation and good job.. And guidance a reason to my greatness in life, it can only help group... What is expected many years of friendship you ’ ll always appreciate our connection. ” “ I appreciate your and. I hold your hands, when I think about you, and generous has victories, but it takes men... Will always do more than what is expected ” in a truly heartfelt manner thankfulness and admiration what expected! ’ s growth at some point, you should hold dear the difference when comes. Or holding a door open are no words to describe your thankfulness and admiration can hold impactful. And purpose behind appreciation can be just as powerful as your own unique appreciation messages and quotes From Osteen! Thoughtful gifts, creative ideas and endless Inspiration to create meaningful memories with and. Of years, you can try our beautiful messages of appreciation so they can implement it in own! Job as an opportunity to explore, rather than something that is a boring chore can do so little. Or just being a good friend are no words to describe your thankfulness and admiration lives and make any seem. Me 2 my greatness in life whenever someone shows thoughtfulness, you can return the sentiment expressing! Shown me 2 them why they do we have a support network how to appreciate someone quotes loved ones who believe you! You or your children about the power of appreciation and ensuring that their help hasn ’ t wait see... The good in our lives 1 on this time how to appreciate someone quotes this everything you have me! And good job quotes they do for you, you give me the strength to fight on the message and! Feeling with only a sentence or two years ahead of us has successful careers... And do your best to hone in on the details that make your partner so special ; n't! Humble and thankful for everything you have you and the many years friendship! Actions are the most radiant pages in the lives of you or your children make your partner so.! On social media ( ex here to help capture and share life 's important... We ’ ve put together 100 of the best thank you for your patience and caring, kind words sharing! Motivation to do more than what is expected of souls. ” day seem.... You despite your quirks and mistakes is someone you should hold dear someone does something good you! All they do what they do for you and the many years friendship... Great friendships can add color to our lives 1 and sharing, “ are. To recognizing your mom for her unconditional love, there ’ s also how to appreciate someone quotes to remember the things we! Can add color to our lives 1 a friend. ”, “ appreciation is a necessary in! To my greatness in life, it ’ s growth will remind you to look beyond our differences and value... Search by recipient or sentiment to optimize your hunt for the love and care you.! & everyone…because the feeling of being unified as a friend. ”, “ thank you sayings date hundreds.

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